Earth Breeze Laundry Detergent Sheets

Everyone wants to do their part to save the environment, but we also want products that work, are easy to use, and are value-priced. Earth Breeze laundry detergent sheets fit this bill exactly.

We sent samples of Earth Breeze Fresh Scent and Fragrance-Free detergent home with our employees to see how it worked in real homes. The results were wonderful! The sheets dissolved in cold and hot water, worked in front-loaders, top-loaders and washers with detergent drawers. Placing the sheet on top of the load did not bleach the clothes or leave any detergent residue behind. Earth Breeze worked well on workout clothes, blood, and pet urine. The only disagreement was whether the scented version was better than the non-scented.

Earth Breeze detergent sheets eliminate heavy, bulky bottles, spilled detergent, and plastic waste. Every bit of this product is biodegradable, down to the ink on the box. You can even compost the package. Detergent is manufactured on the west coast, and Earth Breeze offsets the carbon emissions generated through shipping. Buying locally reduces these carbon emissions even further.

We are stocking both varieties of Earth Breeze in 60-load packets, for $14.99 per package. That translates to just under 25 cents per load, which is similar to many other traditional detergent costs. Earth Breeze offers a money-back guarantee. Try a pack and start saving the planet without sacrificing quality or value.

Earth Breeze sheet dissolve demo

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