Be Green with your Christmas tree

16712151 - recycle tree illustration design over a white background

Do you know how to make your Christmas tree more Green?  There are many options for recycling your tree.

Bring your tree into your backyard and create a nice bird sanctuary.  Hang feeders and suet from it.  Make a pine cone garland and cover with peanut butter.  Word will get out in the bird community about your bird hospitality and you will start to see many different varieties of birds visiting your old tree.


Another option is to cut off each small branch and cover your perennials with them.  The branches will provide a nice insulation against those super-cold winter days that are arriving soon.

Be careful not to put your pine needles in compost piles.  Compost piles create heat and pine needles are very flammable.  You could come home to a backyard fire if you are not careful.

If you definitely want to dispose of your tree, Guilford Boy Scout Troop 471 is recycling  trees.  They have three convenient drop off spots on Saturday, January 5th and 12th from 9am to 2pm.  The spots are Dudley Farm, Roses for Autism or the transfer station.  The Boy Scouts are collecting trees and will use a tree chipper to make chips which will be delivered to the Guilford dog park.  The dogs and owners love these chips, as they add a nice aromatic factor to their park.


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